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    Sniper Elite 4 REPACK Download

    July 12, 2017
    Sniper Elite 4 REPACK Download
    Sniper Elite 4

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    Sniper Elite 4 Verified torrent

    Sniper Elite 4

    Games: Windows: full game: Angleščina

    About the game:

    From the third person perspective, Sniper Elite 4 has a tactical shooter hidden in the element.

    When players kill enemies from a distance with a sniper rifle, the X-ray killing cam is activated,

    Games where the camera sniper rifle shot InHelburua following, and shows that body parts, bones or body organs that are broken or broken by the systems of the body die Schrapnellkills MeleExtinct stealth kills

    The game has improved artificial intelligence, and the enemy’s player can react to the move.

    If he was killed, other enemies are actively looking for binoculars, the player shows where the enemy and what weapons they took.

    The game has “official rankings. To kill an officer as soon as possible, kill his summer army at the end of a mission is clearly zugenommenDie back to difficult level.

    The player can use traps and trap corpses as stupid.

    GameIt also shows the night missions, to clear the player’s light source, hiding them

    PC system requirements


    OS: Windows 64-bit 7, 64-bit Windows or Windows 64-bit and 10

    Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 CPU or AMD Athlon

    Memory: 4 GB RAM

    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 7870 (2GB) or NVIDIA GeForce GT 660 (2GB)

    HDD 40GB free space

    Take into account:

    This version of the game is already cracked – just install and play.

    More information, future updates and support # msg229408


    After discharge:

    – Open (executable file)

    – Choose a city

    – Click Install,

    – Wait until finished

    – Play desktop games soon.

    If the torrent seed of this game is for others.

    To enjoy

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  • Assassins Creed Unity : The Complete Torrent Download

    Assassins Creed Unity : The Complete Torrent Download
    Assassins Creed Unity : The Complete

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    Assassins Creed Unity : The Complete Verified torrent

    Assassins Creed Unity : The Complete

    PC z-DJ (I)

    Assassins Creed Unity DLC pack Mr DJ

    Night work packages:

    Nothing changes;

    Cut a few files co-op;

    Version of the game -;

    Audio Language: English;

    Subtitles: English, Russian, French, Arabic;

    Precracked- Set and cry;

    Setting time – 50 minutes;

    The final size;

    treschinana basis: Reloaded;

    OS: Windows 7, 8 Windows, Windows (64-bit only);

    System requirements minimum:

    Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 for Windows 8 (64-bit)

    Processor:Intel Core i5-2500 @ Ghzili AMD Phenom 8350 @ GHz or AMD Athlon II X4 940 GHz @

    6GB Memory

    HDMI: NVIDIA GeForce GT 680ili AMD Radeon 7970 (2 MB VRAM)

    EIR: Version 11

    I installed file-sharing into chunks smaller than 4 GB, so you can save 6 driving DVDk5 …..

    All DLC:

    -Quest – the chemical revolution, American Airlines prisoners victims science Prussian soldier

    – Siege of Maastricht in Hood Hood Leiptsgiski National Guard Regiment, trousers, shirts Duel Atos

    – pants black musketeer, order and Laturd Auvergne, belt Isenburg-Birstein, hunting weapons, Maple

    – Sword Spanish cup with picturesEphesus, a fluff double-barreled, spear honor sharp blade

    – Battle Aka Aka and armor splitter, Front Gun Sword and Pappenhaimer, attitudes and onions

    – silver trim guns, swords, France Arno, Arno Dueling Pistols

    – original Assassin French cavalry pistol, series – McFarlane

    – FearlessArno king die / Fallen Kings DLC

    ** Installation instructions:

    Open “Assassin CreedEdinstvo original packaging back Mr’Ili other parts catalog WinRAR and extract rules in place to open blocked

    Before running antivirus OFF “” (important) for the same(For Avast users: Disable only DeepScreen parameters prevent virus) …

    Make sure you’re less in C: / drive in a temporary (40GB) set to expand ….

    After installation ,, click”Settings” ,, ,, specify installations, click and go ,, select software required (Direct X, VisualC ++ Update) ,, ,, eventually, to go again to “install” … play with work table

    Always open Use”Administrative action” to avoid failure / problem protection. If you continue to decline, reducing the possibility of in-game graphics settings and make sure you meet the requirements of the system.

    If you mozhetechtoAlso did not hesitate to ask here or delete individual pages in FB ….

    If you want to wrap me back ,, recommendations

    Check out my FB official:

    MrDJ will backup

    As if the people support to get help and updates on upcoming mobile storage

    March 28, 2017