Popsicle Cake Pop Tutorial

August 27, 2014

It’s boiling hot in Nashville this week, which got us in the mood for a popsicle party!  It’s an easy party to throw, whether it’s for a birthday or just an end of summer bash.

I asked Ella at Ella Sugar Boutique to help out with an idea for the popsicle party, and she came up with an easy-to-follow diy tutorial for popsicle cake pops!  We’ll post more party inspiration ideas later this week, but I wanted to get you started with this adorable tutorial.  (Here’s how to find Ella on Facebook and Etsy.)

popsicle cake pop diy tutorial

To get started, you’ll need to make a basic cake pop recipe.  Make a cake from cake mix using the directions on the box.  Then, after it has cooled, crumble it in a bowl and add buttercream frosting until it is a doughy consistency.

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Ella did such an amazing job making these popsicles…they are a perfect match for our Swanky Press Popsicle Party Invitation!

Popsicle party invitation

Fun Side Note:  Both Ella and I are engineers who have taken a creative turn.  We hit it off when we first met, but only later realized that we each have two very technical degrees Ella: software engineering and a masters in IT (from Harvard, no less); Me: nuclear engineering and a masters in environmental engineering.  We both took our technical backgrounds and ended up with creative careers.  I just love the tech+creative mashup, and can’t wait to work on more projects with Ella!

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