Creative Back to School Lunchbox Ideas

August 10, 2014
creative-back to school lunchbox-ideasI have to start packing lunches again tomorrow: 3 lunches, 5 days a week.  Obviously, it’s easy to run out of creative ways to make lunchtime fun.  I needed a bit of inspiration kick-start, so here’s a collection of over 20 of my favorite ideas from around the web!

1. Monster Spinach Wrap

I love this spinach frankenstein wrap.  It’s one of many creative ideas from Meet the Dubiens!  Source

monster wrap

2. Ninja Pita Sandwiches

Darling Ninja sandwiches from My Pretend Place.  Source

ninja pita sandwich

3. “Submarine” Sandwich

The straw is such an easy and creative idea to turn your sandwich into a submarine!  Source

submarine sandwich

4. Talking Sandwich

Another great idea from Lisa Storms.   Source

talking sandwich

5. “Third Grade” Lunch

This works for any grade – note there are 3 of everything!  (BTW- as a mom of a kid with allergies, you should totally check out Keeley’s Blog – she’s got a lot of allergy-friendly ideas.)   Source

3rd grade lunch

6. Under the Sea Lunch

A fish sandwich, goldfish, and a few plastic toys make for a very fun “under the sea” lunchbox surprise.  Source


7. Seriously cute sandwiches

These are just darling…especially the puppy dog sandwich!  Source

8. Angry Birds Sandwich

You might be over Angry Birds, but you know your kids would still love this sandwich!.  Source

angry birds pig sandwich

9. Minecraft Lunch

Keeping with the video game theme, check out this adorable Minecraft lunch!  Source

minecraft lunch

10. Blossom Lunchbox

An artistic take on flowers and blossoms from Wendolonia.  This blog has lots of other great bento ideas, so you should definitely check it out!  Source

flower fruit lunch

11. Bunny and Robot Sandwiches

This is from the blog Cutest Food…and yes, these bunny and robot sandwiches qualify as some of the cutest lunch food I’ve seen. Source

robot and bunny sandwiches

12. Star Wars Lunchbox Ideas

I love Princess Leia and Yoda sandwiches.  I’m doing this one for my 3rd grader this week! Source

star wars yoda princess leia lunch

13. Monster Sandwiches

Monster sandwiches are great any day, but I’ll probably bring this out again for a special Halloween lunch idea. Source

monster sandwiches

14. Little Prince or Princess

This sweet little prince or princess is great for a kindergarten lunch!  Jill Dubien, you’ve got some great ideas! Source

little prince lunch

15. Chocolate Monster Sandwich

An easy idea…but it’s the fun mouth shape I love on this monster sandwich! Source

monster sandwich funny

16. Silly Face Salad

All kids may not love salads, but adding cheese, pepperoni, and a silly face just may get your kids to try it. Another great idea from Lisa Storms. Source

salad face

17. Nutella Pig Sandwich

So simple, but so cute!  It’s from the aptly named Cute Food for Kids blog.  Source

pig nutella sandwich

18. Toothy Monster Face (or is it an Alligator?)

This is either a very toothy monster, or a creative alligator sandwich. I’m not sure, but it’s cute either way. Source

toothy sandwich

19. Under the Sea Lunchbox Idea

This under the sea lunchbox is a great way to get your kids to eat their peas! Source

under the sea lunch

20. Flower Lunchbox Idea

Sweet flower lunch ideas your little girl will love! Source

flower lunchbox

21. Happy Face Bagel

Yet another great idea from Lisa Storms.  How lucky are her kids to get these fun lunches? Source

happy bagel

22. Healthy Happy Face Sandwich

Yet another great idea from Lisa Storms.  Source

healthy happy face

23. Ladybug Cheese Sandwich

A ladybug sandwich made with cheese and turkey.  Source

ladybug sandwich


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