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May 22, 2014

I thew a mermaid party for my youngest daughter, which you can read about in an earlier blog post, and I’ve gotten a ton of questions about the mermaid potion.  (And thousands of repins on Pinterest.)  You can read below how the game worked, how we made the potion, and most importantly, download the sign for free!


When we were getting ready for the party, at the last minute another daughter and I decide to make up an imagination game where the girls would think they had mermaid tails when they were in the pool, but that the “humans” wouldn’t be able to see them.

The girls had to drink a magic potion, and then sign “a contract” that they were willing to become mermaids.  Once they did this, they all ran and jumped into the pool, and grew imaginary tails. The mermaid potion was simply 7-up with food coloring.  I bought 2 bottles of sparkling water at the grocery store that morning, we drank the water and used the empty glass jars to fill with our potion.  Because they had screw-top lids, it kept the potion nice and fizzy until we were ready for the girls to sign the contract.

The sign is sized at 8×10 inches.  You can just download it, print it out on cardstock, and it’s ready to use.  Make sure you save it as a keepsake after the party.  Those precious little signatures will be fun to look at a few years down the road when the girls grow up!

If you download the sign, I’d love you to leave a comment letting me know!  And of course, if you need mermaid invitations or printable food tents, Swanky Press has those, too.

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