Birthday Party Themes for Boys

October 21, 2013

When planning a birthday party for kids,  we love to  plan around a theme. From the invitation to cupcake toppers to banner and party hats, a coordinating theme makes for an adorable and memorable birthday party. Choosing a unique theme can be a challenge which is why we are here to share some great birthday party themes especially for boys!

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About these themes above:

1) Wild Western theme.    We love the vintage woodblock font and think you could go really far with this theme!  Get some cowboy hats and chaps for this wild western party.

2) Laser tag theme.  If you are lucky enough to have laser tag near where you live, or create a DIY laser tag party at home.  Get lots of glow sticks and lights.  Make your decorations very colorful!

3) A rock climbing party.    If you have an indoor sports store with a climbing wall or even a rock climbing adventure center, boys will love this rock climbing party theme.

4) Rock and Roll party.   A dance party is sure to be a hit!  Vinyl is making a comeback, this invitation just makes us want to dance.

5) Bowling Party.   Head to your local bowling alley for a bowling party!  Best of all, there’s no clean up at your house.

6) Little Surfer Party.  We love the idea of a little surfer boy pool party!   We see a lot of “shark” boy birthday parties and think this is a great alternative for your cool dude.

7)  Bug Party.  We’re not playing favorites, but this could possibly be the most unique theme of all.   We love the idea of embracing those crawling creatures and carrying the theme throughout.  You can get really creative here!  Just imagine how fun you could get with the cake.

So what’s your favorite? Share your ideas with us here!

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