Robot Party Inspiration

July 21, 2013

I like big ‘bots, and I cannot lie.  No seriously, I love robots.  This party inspiration board gathers together the best ideas from around the web…and has two free printables.  Ive included all the shopping links just below the image – to make pulling your party together that much more simple.  Follow our robot party board on pinterest – we’ll be constantly updating it as we find new, clever ideas.

Robot Party Inspiration

1. We designed these invitations imagining a 3 and under party – soft colors with a happy robot.  You can find them at Swanky Press.  The invites are 2-sided…which means you can add extra party details or a photo on the back if needed.

2.  These cookies are just perfection.  I found them on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.  The amazing thing is that she made them with cookie cutter shapes you probably already have. Please check out her blog…the tutorial is fabulous!

3.  I had grand ambitions to make my own party wreath.  I headed out to Home Depot with my kids to make something robotic.  I’m imagined ductwork and gears – but couldn’t find the right gears to make the perfect effect.  What do you know, when I got home, I found the MOST AMAZING gear wreath ever…and it just dwarfed the design I had in my head!  So I must say, TechShopKathryn on instructables…you have made the best robot | gear | steampunk wreath ever!.  Kudos…and thanks for the instructions!

4.  Adorable favor bags by ForYourLittleMonkey on  At only $18.00 for 10 bags – it’s an amazing deal for a custom item.

5. Toxic Paper Company, a design firm out of Spain, made these incredible printables.  They are free for download and couldn’t be a cooler party favor (if the kids are 5 and up).  If your kids are younger, I’d print these out and make them yourself for party decor.

6. I love making juice box wrappers – they just look so fun lined up on the food table.  These are free to download courtesy of Swanky Press.  The robot is on the front, and the sides and back have the gear pattern.

7.  These robot food-safe molds can be used for all sorts of projects:  soap, lollipops, chocolates.  Be creative and have fun!

8.  Andie Specialty Sweets on etsy makes some of the most beautiful molded candies I’ve seen.  I have no idea how they get that gold effect in the candy, but they use organic, fair trade ingredients. The candy is VEGAN, too – and as a person with severe food allergies, I love to see desserts that are vegan because they are just safer for that many more guests to eat.  (Check out their scrabble tiles and buttons and gear lollipops, too – amazing!)

9.  Taffie Wishes on etsy makes these adorable cardstock gears.She also sells very cute coordinating robot items, so please check out her shop!

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