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May 2012

    Product Release: Personalized iPhone Cases

    May 5, 2012

    This week, Swanky Press launched our first-ever line of personalized cell phone cases. This has been our absolute biggest launch to date, and the response from all of you has been wonderful!  Many of you already have your swanky new cases in hand today.  I’ve been answering a ton of emails this week with questions about the cases, so I thought I’d give some background here.

    My Past Experience with Cases

    Every time I upgrade my iPhone (or my kid’s iPod touch) I like to splurge on a new case.  However,  I haven’t always had the best luck with my cases.  One cracked after 2 months.  One had too small of an opening for the camera and my pictures had a blurry edge.  One wouldn’t fit on my player unless I took the case off.  Worst of all, the case selection was slim enough that my phone generally looked similar to everyone else’s.

    The Search for the Perfect Case

    I had the idea of creating our own line of cases about a year ago.  The problem was, the “blanks” or printable cases that are out all seemed to have the same problems as my old cases.  To be honest, the cases I was able to get for trials were all cheap in my opinion.  Yes, I could start a product line with them…but if it really wasn’t a quality product that I would use myself, I didn’t see the point.  I was hooked on the idea of my cases being just as nice as the Kate Spade case I bought at the Apple store…not just some flimsy printable cover.

    Our Exclusive line of Cases is Born

    Fast forward a year later, and I was over-the-moon excited when Swanky Press finally closed a deal to partner with Case-Mate, the largest US premium case manufacturer.  They have agreed to manufacture cases for us, and we specifically design each and every case before production.  These cases are not just “printed” with the designs, but they are treated with sublimation dye processing – which means that the design is actually part of the case – no chance of it rubbing off or fading.

    Not only that, but unlike a lot of personalized goods, Case-Mate is willing to work at the speed our clients are used to…fast!  The cases are designed, manufactured, and shipped to you all in around 4 business days.

    Our new partnership allows us to design two different types of cases, a slim “barely there” case and a sturdy “tough” case.  Not only that, but cases are available for the iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 3/3s, iPod touch 4G and several models of Blackberry, Samsung, and HTC phones. Continue reading…