Pom Pom Ballerina Craft

March 5, 2012

Obviously, keeping the kids entertained is one of the top priorities at any good children’s party. You need a craft that is interesting and new, but not too complicated for them to handle with minimal help.  For this week’s Ballet Party theme, we’ve found a craft that meets all these needs.  I recommend it for agest 5 and up, although you could do younger if you have some moms to help out.

This was originally the idea of Anjie on the Pom Pom Emporium blog (she made fairies as Christmas ornaments) – but we put a new twist on her idea to make these fun little ballerina dolls.

You will need:




Acrylic Craft Paint (or markers)

Wooden Clothespins

Step 1:  Paint hair, a leotard, and a face on your clothespin.  If the kids are doing this, you might just want to get some vibrant paint pens or markers.  It will make cleanup easier.

Step 2:  Take a drinking glass and create a “donut” template on your cardboard.  Cut out two identical cardboard circles for each ballerina.  I used a cereal box out of the recycling bin for this – it was sturdy enough for the craft, but still easy to cut through.

Step 3:  Place both “donuts” together, and wrap with yarn until covered.  If you want to make a striped or ombre skirt, consider changing yarn colors partway through.

Step 4.  Insert your painted clothespin into the center of the yarn-wrapped donuts.  Using sharp scissors, cut the yard around the edges of the two cardboard donuts.

Step 5:  Gently separate the two donuts – moving one towards the ballerina’s face and the other towards her feet.  Tie a length of yarn firmly around the ballerina’s waist (between the two separated cardboard donuts).

Step 6:  Fully slide the donuts off of the ballerina.  Fluff the tutu, trim any loose yarn pieces, and start playing!

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