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February 2012

    Button Flower Bouquet

    February 22, 2012

    This easy craft idea is courtesy of Kelly Purkey at American Crafts Studio Blog.  I originally found this idea when I was coming up with inspiration for my “Cute as a Button” baby shower, but this idea would be great for Mother’s Day, too.

    To make your flower bouquet, you’ll need to gather a few items (most of which you should be able to find around the house – no trip to the store required!):

    • die cut flowers (or cut your own from craft felt)
    • buttons
    • bamboo skewers
    • ribbon
    • thread
    • vase, tea cup, drinking glass, etc.
    • floral foam, rice or sand


    Simply thread the buttons onto a die-cut felt flower (or one you cut yourself), making sure to keep excess string on the backside of the flower.  Tie excess thread around a skewer stick, securing the flower to the front of the stick.  Use a dot of glue to  hold it in place.  Tie a piece of ribbon on the skewer to look  like the flower leaves.

    Then just place the skewers into your vase (or a teacup or pop can) that’s been filled with the floral foam, rice or sand.  It’s that easy!


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