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    Baby Shower Ideas | Blue Baby Shower

    May 30, 2011

    Blue or pink color themes are simple and flexible ways to coordinate a baby shower. I’ve pulled together some ideas for a Blue Baby Shower, using all sorts of shades of blues.  I also pulled in umbrellas and raindrops to complete the “shower” theme.

    (Hint:  There’s a great diy tutorial and free printable, so read on!)

    1. The Invitation

    I chose our Oh Baby! Shower Invitations to set the tone.  I love all the different shades of blue incorporated.  Because they vary here so much, you can use all sorts of blues in the party and make it feel intentional.  That’s much easier than trying to match on perfect shade.

    2. Party Decor

    Since this is a shower, I love the idea of playing around with rain and umbrellas.  I found this clever raindrop garland at Kate Greiner on etsy.  It is made of paper raindrops sewn together.

    To continue with the raindrop theme, I would make the table placards and favor bag tags in the shape of raindrops.  Again, I’d use all the shades of blue when creating them.

    3. Pinwheels

    Pinwheels always add a fun, whimsical touch to a party.  I thought that these Tiffany Blue Pinwheels from aubabi78 on etsy would make a great touch.

    4. Paper Flowers

    Since we have paper raindrops and umbrellas (I’ll get to them in a minute), what better to use for a centerpiece than paper flowers!  These beautiful origami flowers are a perfect example of how varying shades of blue can work together perfectly.  You can find the flowers at My Bohemian Summer on etsy.

    5. Paper Drink Umbrellas

    Of course, everybody loves drink umbrellas.  Turns out, it is SO simple to make you own – and you can make them match the color scheme of your party.  Please check back here Wednesday for a full tutorial on DIY drink umbrellas.  I’ll even include a free printable template with some fun patters.

    6.  Cake Pops

    Blue food is hard to pull off (besides the obvious blueberry or candy bar themes). However, I thought these elegant cake balls by Bees Knees Creative on etsy would be as pretty to look at as they are tasty to eat!

    7. Blue Flower Cupcakes

    Blue cupcakes often look smurfish – but when I found these on flickr, I thought that the baker, Jen Angel, had done such an amazing job of making a blue cupcake look both fun and sophisiticated.

    8.  Printable Favor Boxes

    It’s always nice to send your guests off with a small favor, but sometimes the boxes or bags can cost more than the goody.  I found these sweet boxes on The Posh Event at etsy – and guess what?  They are a printable file!  After you order, .. will email you a digital file and you can print out and assemble as many boxes as you need for only $3.50.  Fill them with a simple token (blue candy would be my choice).  It’s simple and affordable way to provide something for each guest when you are having a larger shower.

    9. Baby Washcloth Cupcakes

    These sweet washcloth cupcakes are too cute pass up!  I would put a small tray of them out as decor.  Yes, they are a present for the new mommy, but they’ll get some oohs and aahs from the guests, too.  You can find the washcloth cupcakes at FavorsforU on etsy for only $5. If you enter the code SWANKY at checkout, you can get an extra 20% discount, too!



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